8 major characteristics of a good warehouse

A warehouse is a large commercial building in industrial areas of cities, towns and villages for storage of raw materials or manufactured goods mainly before their export or distribution for sale after import.

Warehousing is the process of proper storage and handling of goods and cargo using scientific methods in the warehouse and making them available conveniently when needed. In today’s scenario, warehousing is considered as one of the most important aspect of trade.


Warehousing is one of our key services at Blue Flame Cargo Master Int.  we have set high standards in the inventory management and storage industry and advice our clients on the parameters to look out for when searching for a good warehouse. Some of the characteristics include:

1. Market proximity

A warehouse should be located at a convenient and well-connected area place with proper transport and communication lines such as near highways, railway stations, airports and seaports where goods can be loaded and unloaded easily. This makes  the transporting of goods easier and encourage the business operations of the firm.

2. Safety

Warehouses are used to store a lot of expensive products and thus a target to thieves. Good warehouse should have tight round the clock security arrangement to avoid theft of goods. MCF warehouses are under surveillance round the clock. Safety of products under our care is our number one priority.

3. Enough parking spaces.

With the current development and increase in the number of vehicles in many towns, parking space availability has now become an issue. A good warehouse should have sufficient parking space inside the premises to curb this issue and to facilitate easy and quick loading and unloading of goods.

4. Sufficient storage space

There should be large enough storage space inside the building to keep the goods in proper order. This promotes easy movement in and out of the goods. It also helps in the organization of the warehouse. “At Blue Flame Cargo Master International Limited, We always make a joke that our warehouses are elastic, this is because of the spacious warehouses, and there is always room no matter how much cargo comes in”.


5. Use of mechanical appliances

Machinery should be there in the warehouse as they make the warehouse more effective in the handling of goods such as loading and unloading. This minimizes handling costs and reduces the wastages in handling and also. Machines such as cranes also help in dealing with bulky loads.

6. Disaster and emergency management.

Like any other premises, warehouses are also prone to disasters such as fire attack, lightning and floods among others. A good warehouse should have relevant measures being taken care of and equipped with relevant equipment such as fire-fighting equipment, lightning arresters etc.

7. The warehouse should be designed to fit the need of the product.

A warehouse storing perishable goods such as milk, fruits and vegetables should be well refrigerated. This will prevent damage to the good and loss to the producer. Pay us a visit to learn the different warehousing arrangements we have.


8. Should have well trained workers

Those working in the warehouse should be properly trained and well skilled. This is to make sure that the operations of the warehouse run smoothly and in the right manner. Anyone can stock shelves, but we ensure the hands in our warehouses are specifically trained on handling different types of products. Cargo being warehoused at Blue Flame Cargo Master Int. varies from time to time; they may be dangerous cargo (DGR), refrigerated cargo, beverages, pharmaceuticals, tyres, machinery to name a few and all this items require different storage protocols.

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