Good Customer service practices that a good company should posses

Customer service is the support you offer your customers; bfcmil logoboth before and after they buy your product or service, that helps them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you. It’s very important and a crucial step in branding the business and creating a good reputation. A customer who experiences a good customer service is an asset to that particular company and a good marketing agent as he/she will tell the friends about your service

Who will in turn tell others?  Below are some practices that has helped improve Blue Flame Cargo Master customer service:

Encapsulate good communication skills

Communication language is very important, poor grammar creates a negative impression to the customer about the company. Also the customers are very impatient to hear unnecessary information from the supports person. It is a good practice to be brief and straight to the point.

When it comes to important points that you need to relay clearly to customers, keep it simple and leave nothing to doubt to avoid misunderstanding.

We have a deeper understanding about products and services.
The more the employees of a company knows about the products and services offered, the more they will be good at providing support to the customers when they face various problems.

We are attentive and listen to customers.

While giving support to the customers, the service agents should as much as possible listen to the customers. The more the agents know about the customers and their needs, the more of an asset those agents are to both the company and its customers. It is through knowing what customers need that they will be able to satisfy their requirements.

We address the customer by name

It is more comfortable for customers when the service agent calls them by their names while offering them support. They feel recognized and not just taken like strangers. It is a good practice to ask for support team to ask customers for their preferred name to call them while serving them.


Regularly, customers will get confused and frustrated while being served and will continuously ask many questions some of which are just common. It is good to practice patience and attend to them without tiring.

We talk to customers in real time and are fast to give feedback
Customers hate waiting for too long. It is good to reduce the time it takes between when customers’ request for support and them they get the feedback.

We Involve customers by talking naturally and friendly
Don’t be a robot. Let the customer know that the support person is still a person. Add some personality to their emails. Involve the customers by being friendly and wanting to know about their whereabouts. This will make them feel warm and to be more open and thus it will be smoother helping them.

We strive to make a great first impression
Many customers will actually judge a company based on its first impression. The first impression is very important as it sticks in the customers’ mind and is actually difficult to change. The first impact a customer gets from a company can’t be easily forgotten. Perfecting the first impression is crucial to any business given today’s competitive environment.

Impact of information technology to the growth of Logistics industry
With the rapid growth of technology, most modern day businesses have IT departments unlike in the early days when companies used to have a single computer for storing data on magnetic tapes.

Information technology is now the heartbeat and the vehicle to enhance supply chain competitiveness and performance by enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of logistics system. Below are the ways in which information technology has influenced the growth and development of logistics:

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