Railways Logistics

rail bfcmilBlue Flame Cargo Master Int. Ltd Railways Logistics is in order to reduce delivery time twice with our new rail-way-line project taking place in east and central Africa.
The new speedy train will be dispatching from Port Mombasa to Nairobi stations and as well reached to the other destination station which is made in a record time of fewer delays with volume consignments.
Blue Flame Cargo Master company provides its customers with the full range of integrated services including door-to-door delivery, provision of empty containers, terminal handling and if necessary – insurance and sea freight. This next step of engagements with the introduction of the speedy train on the same route, it has made us comparative advantage against road transportation and may attracted additional clients to rail.

Main Advantages of Rail Freight Transport

Rail freight transport offers multiple benefits that are ideal for developing your business and helping you cut costs. While other methods of transportation have their own advantages, rail freight transport is especially useful for transporting huge loads of commodities over long distances.


 Here are the key benefits of rail freight transport:

  • Rail freight transport is more affordable than any other method of transportation. This is mainly because trains require less fuel, helping you save money on transportation costs. This, in turn, allows you to transport items over a long distance more efficiently.
  • Freight trains can be used to carry bulky or huge items that do not easily fit in regular vehicles. Therefore, rail freight transport is more flexible when it comes to transporting different types of commodities.
  • Rail transport offers you consistency and speed because it can quickly deliver the goods with certainty. This means that you can rely on rail freight transport whenever you need to deliver vital equipment to a different site on a tight time schedule.
  • Rail freight transport is highly beneficial for industrial and manufacturing customers, as the cost of transporting raw materials and coal using this method is lower.
  • Freight transport can accommodate large amounts of commodities because of a high carrying capacity. Additionally, more freight cars can often be added if the capacity needs increase.
  • Trains are one of the safest modes of transportation. Compared to other methods, there are minimum chances of breakdowns and accidents when transporting your goods through railway.
  • Rail freight transport is a reliable method of transportation because it is not affected by extreme weather conditions, unlike air, water, and road transport. This means that there are fewer chances of delays due to weather-related problems.